Canadian Guardsman – Chapter 10

The Base Commander sat in his office. 680, 308 and the recruiter standing in front of them. He had kept them standing there for what must have certainly be more then 30 min. Slowly, even the best trained Guardsmen had difficulties maintaining the attention stance.
“Where is the Canadian now?”
“Recruitment Chamber 17, sir”
“He must have received training.”
“We will go down and see how we can rescue the situation”
When the Base Commander and the cabal arrived, Simon was just waking up from another programming session.
“He should be compliant and calm.”
But, Simon was anything but that.
“What are you trying to do here? Is this some kind of crazy kidnapping? Your mind controlled tin soldiers have gone crazy. I’ll report this to the embassy.”
The Base Commander was unsure what to do. This was not what they had planned for in their scenarios.
“Calm down….”
“You Europeans are all crazy”
“The men under my command have made a mistake. They will be punished… Take him back to the Guesthouse.” The commander said, seemingly embarrassed.
After some time, two Guardsmen in tank suits, with closed mirrored visors and red helmets, appeared. Simon was unshackled and taken back to his room. Both of the guys didn’t talk more then was absolutely necessary. He notices another thing: Their left hands didn’t end in normal gloves but in claw like devices.
They tossed him back into his room at the Guesthouse and left without any comments.

The Base Commander, 680, the recruiter said in the Base Commander’s office. They were joined by secure Video Link to Regional Security Director.
“It is of the uttermost importance that the deal with the Canadians goes through. Europe needs the money and the Canadians have their own reasons to want the technology. And we need allies those societies is structured like ours. Am I clear?” The Security Director was furious.
“Yes, Mistress!”
“Luckily, we have the full cooperation of the ambassador, who is our ally. So how far is the conversion?”
The recruiter answered: “We’ve started with the standard desirability routines, he responds well to rubber but we are not sure how strong his homosexual desires are. He has now seen part of the training and induction. The problem is he seems to have received some Anti-Hypnosis training.”
“Similar to the crap the Russians sold to the Ukrainians? And then had installed in parts of their security forces? I meant we had to lobotomize enough of their soldiers, during the rebellion.”
“No, it seems more subtile and advanced, our inductors are fairly certain it can be overcome with the necessary cultural adjustments”

In that moment, a priority message from the ops center interrupted the meeting: “Sir, the quarters of Canadian are empty. We have tried to track him through the chip, but no response. Some parts of his equipment are missing as well.”

The Regional Security Director was enraged: “You’re stupid mind controlled rubber boys! Get him back! I don’t want an incident. I don’t need another idiotic thing happening. God beware if he gets into contact with the Free Europeans or the chauvinist male rights groups.”
Silently, she wondered if sometimes the conditioning and mind control of their security apparatus was going too far.


The Military Police Security Service guys had taken him to room in the embassy. They had also provided Simon with some refreshments but not with a new set of clothing.
One of them asked him, how he had been able to escape:
“The two red heads were not particularly thorough. They took me to the Guesthouse by I soon discovered that the door opened due to the chip thing on my wrist and that I could leave. So I hurriedly packed my passport, money and the computer. The doors was really opened.
I made it out of the otherwise empty building.
I remembered the layout of the base farely well so I just walked down the track next to road to the Guesthouse and than towards the gate.
The security systems seemed to be more concerned with controlling the actually Guardies then visitors.
Once I was out, I found there was a metro station not to far away and walked towards it. Here,in the suburbs, there seemed to be less controls. I tried to look as normal as possible. Not nervous in any kind.
Then I walked downtown and avoided the patrols, strangely they didn’t seem to look out for me. As early in the morning there didn’t seem to be many patrols on.
Glad was I to see the embassy.
It must have helped that from the distance, I look like a Guardsman.”

He felt it strange that the ambassador was shocked to see him and of this distant politeness. Also strange that she had ordered the security of the embassy to lock him into a room and write a report.

He could hear the door being unlocked. The ambassador entered, and with her, 308, 680, the recruiter and the base commander.
The ambassador spoke: “Simon. I have no choice. The deal with the Europeans is too important for Canada and its security. The induction will go on. You can choose if you come along voluntarily or if these guys have to use force.”
Simon looked at the ambassador in disbelief.
The recruiter talked to him: “You always wanted to serve Canada, now you will do it, but maybe in slightly different way then you imagined. Isn’t it what the army is about? To learn what you can do? To grow?”
680 smiled: “You will learn how it is. You are becoming our brother. See, you are already dressed the part and we can you will make an ideal recruit eventually.”
The recruiter talked to him again: “Now, what choice do you have? You can’t go back to Canada. But you will still serve here as a Guardsman. Imagine, no need to have your identity just another nameless rubber Guardsman. So, few things to worry about. I can see it in your face, how fascinated you stare at this rubber uniform and body.”
Simon was shocked.
“I don’t want to become a mind controlled drone.”
The recruiter used his rhetorical and propaganda skills: “All your life you have been indoctrinated—at home, at school, at work, at play. Your parents, teachers, bosses, movies, TV, books—you have been surrounded by lessons in how to behave. We are training you differently, yeah. But, is it really such a big difference? Stripping away those old, useless lessons and giving you something new?”
The recruiter placed the papers in front of Simon.
They left the secured room at the embassy.
Simon heard a slight buzzing.
Outside, the ambassador looked at them: “It some times takes time for them to recognize what they want.”
“Good. Get it out of my eye, nothing should derail our deal. It seems your request for a couple of Canadian soldiers to experiment on has been fulfilled early.”

“Sign the papers”
Simon did what he was told, overcome by a strange compulsion.
“Follow us”
Simon didn’t know what he was doing, only that he walked with them out into an APC.
A recruitment video was shown and he heard a slight buzzing.



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